How to Choose a Home Moving Company

You are moving your family, and you’re trying to find a good home moving company. How do you go about making the right choice? After all, you are trusting the mover with your belongings and valuables. You need to trust them completely, and know they have the experience to handle your things with care. Here are a few things to look for:

• Experience and Customer Service

Look for a home moving company with experience. Many companies have been around for many years, and have helped hundreds of people move successfully. Check a moving company’s reviews to see if their customers are happy with their service. You’ll also be able to gauge a company’s level of experience by looking at these reviews.

• Knowledge 

When you’re talking to a moving company about their services, ask them about various aspects of the move, and how they’ll handle your belongings. If you’re looking into a packing service, make sure you ask how they organize the move, how they pack your valuables, and whether the security where they’ll store you things is monitored and secure.

• Licensing

Make sure a potential moving company is fully licensed before you sign the contract. Each state differs when it comes to licensing. Doing some research to know the specific licensing in your area is important. If a mover does business across state lines, however, they must be licensed with the federal government as well as having a DOT (US Department of Transportation) number. Visit the website to learn more.

• Make Sure You’re Insured

There are many different levels of liability when it comes to the safety of your belonings. When lingo for a home moving company, check with potential movers to see what kind of insurance they provide. Under federal law, movers must offer two options: Full Value Protection (a fuller coverage which will cost extra), and Released Value (no additional charge, but less coverage).

Contact a Home Moving Company You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a home moving company to move your family, contact us for a free quote.  Here are some locations to contact:

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We’ll be able to walk you through the entire process and answer your questions about insurance, licensing, and how we handle your move. We work hard to make sure your belongings are safe and secure, and arrive at your new home undamaged and ready to be unpacked!